Eat Locally, Act Globally

If all we do is serve hot food to hungry people, then we’ve missed our calling.  If all we do is provide job opportunities in our community, then we’ve missed our mission.  If all we do is ask people to come eat at our place through clever marketing, then maybe we’re spending too much time online and not enough time engaging our neighbors.

Our aim is to encourage people (both locals and travelers) to eat locally – that is eat with us since we’re not a “chain.”  But our mission takes it one step further.  I’ve seen and perhaps you have too bumper stickers asking folks to “Break the Chain.”  We do appreciate the sentiments.  Yet we are all in this together – everyone has to eat.  So having a plethora of choices is a good thing for a community (in fact I grabbed a snack pack at Zaxby’s on my way home from work tonight).

But what our heart and intention is lead us to do more than just serve food.  We want to make a difference in our community – and in as many places in the world as we can.

One effort begins Wednesday for me as I board a plane with a group of students from West Memphis Christian and minister to the children and families in the Dominican Republic.  We plan to worship, work and play with the Haitian children who live on the sugar plantations.  We will minister in a handicapped orphanage.  We will work with another Christian school in the capital city of Santo Domingo sharing our hearts with the students there.  It’s a wonderful opportunity for us to travel to a nearby country and be challenged to trust God to lead, protect, and provide for us as we impersonate Him to the people we meet.  One dream of mine is to start a Christian school in the town of La Romana – it would be a great ministry for both urban children and those who live in the countryside (for more information see – and see

As our restaurant grows to serve those who wish to eat locally with us – bear in mind that we are inspiring to act globally as we reap the benefits of a successful restaurant.  Thanks for supporting us!


Building beds in St. Alicia, a batey where Hatians live and work the sugar plantations in the Dominican Republic.

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