Serving Good food to Great people!

For years our founder, Big John Tacker was known in these parts to welcome our customers with a friendly smile, joke and great food.  He made an impression on people that still leads customers back to us. Today, his wife Loretta carries on that tradition of being involved with our community.  In 2007 she was selected as Citizen of the Year. She continues his legacy of welcoming customers from all over the world to Big John’s Shake Shack. We cherish Big John’s memory and honor his legacy by serving our customers with smile.

We pray we serve good food to good people.  That sums up our approach to customer service.  It means that each of us must find the best ways to make our guests happy – especially when they come to us with complaints. Our customers are our business. Without them we have no reason to open our doors. Therefore your goal every minute of every hour is to make our guests glad they came to Tacker’s Shake Shack.  While we cook hamburgers, we sell great experiences. Satisfied guests make your paychecks possible. We need your help in preparing and serving the tastiest food possible.

Service is best when you think like a customer.   People can choose anywhere to eat; but they chose to eat at the Shake Shack.  A caring and respectful attitude and a sincere smile do as much to bring the customer back as the best food in the world. Your attitude builds value to our customers and builds your value to Tacker’s Shake Shack.


Our customers expect and deserve a spotless restaurant. But it’s not only to make a good impression. A clean restaurant is a safe restaurant. It’s everybody’s job to keep the restaurant clean and sanitary.

Value is the total experience our customers have in our restaurant, from the food and service quality, to the dining room environment, to the price they pay. When we do whatever it takes to please and impress the customer we give great value!!


Tip Policy

Tips are distributed weekly.   The formula for distributing tips is as follows:  A percentage of the total tips is calculated by employee daily hours divided by overall employee hours on that particular day.  

Team members share tips.  Any team member caught keeping tips from customers will not be included in the tip distribution the following week.

The Shake Shack may deduct credit card fees for tips.

Break Policy

Employees who are working an 8 hour shift may take one 20-minute break at periods of time designated  by the manager on duty. Employees may not take breaks during peak hours. Extended bathroom visits may be counted as breaks.   

Cellphone Policy

An employee who forsakes serving a customer because of a  text or call deemed by management not to be an emergency gives probable cause for termination.  Employees are to limit distractions while serving our valued customers. Excessive texting determined by management will place employee on probation with a warning.   Termination could take place if excessive texting while on the job continues (including visits to restrooms to use mobile devices). A box is considered to collect all phones for safekeeping during shift hours.  This policy has not yet been implemented.

Employee Parking

A lot is provided just behind Smokes for employee daytime parking.  Employees who work until after dark may park behind the Shake Shack when they arrive to work after lunch peak hours.  At no time should an employee take a designated parking space to allow for our customers. Parking is allowed on the gravel on the south end of the lot.

Dependability Standards

  1.       Schedule is posted one week in advance. You are required to know and follow your posted schedule.
  2.       You are required to be dressed and ready before you clock in, WASH YOUR HANDS and clock in at the time posted on your schedule.
  3.       You are required to notify a member of the management team when the schedule is released (within 24 hours)  if an error has been made on your schedule regarding your permanent availability or request for a day off. If you fail to do this, you will remain responsible for the scheduled shift.
  4.       An absence will be considered excused if you find a suitable replacement for the shift and have such replacement approved by the scheduled manager on that shift. Your replacement needs to be written on the posted schedule and be initialed by the approving manager.
  5.       Requests for days off must be made to Lisa Tacker at least two weeks in advance.  Acceptable ways to communicate include texting and email. Conversation must include documentation.
  6.       Misrepresentation of circumstances surrounding lateness or an excused absence is grounds for termination.
  7.       Lateness
  • First Offense: Written documentation
  • Second Offense: Written documentation and warning (If Offense is within 90 days of the first offense).
  • Third Offense Further discipline up to/and including termination. (If Offense is within 90 days of the first offense.)
  1.       Emergency Absences
  • If you are unable to work your assigned shift (will be absent) due to illness or emergency, you are required to notify shift management as soon as possible, minimally at least two (2) hours before the beginning of your shift (or at least thirty (30) minutes before the store opening time).
  • If you are absent, due to illness, you may be required to bring in a note from your doctor verifying the illness and a doctor’s release to return to work.


  1.  Failure to call in sickness in less than 2 hours before your shift starts will result in an unexcused absence/no show.


  1.    Habitual tardiness/absenteeism with or without an excuse is grounds for termination.


11 . All absences, excused or not, will be documented.

  • Unexcused Absence First Offense: Written warning.
  • Second Offense: Within three (3) months of the first offense – probable termination.
  • No Call/No Show First Offense: Written warning.
  • Second Offense: Within six (6) months of first offense – Probable termination.

Food Handling

  1.      Giving away food will result in termination.
  2.      Washing your hands is the most important thing you can do to help ensure that our customers receive safe food. You must wash your hands…
  • before entering the kitchen and touching food
  • after using the restroom
  • after taking a break
  • after handling garbage or cleaning supplies      
  • after touching your face, hair, or body
  1.      Food RTE (Ready to Eat) may only be handled by gloved hands.

Appearance/Personal Hygiene

Always ensure that you arrive for work thoroughly clean and neat.

Personal hygiene includes:

  • Daily shower or bath
  • Clean, Reasonable length, reasonable color fingernails


Minimal use of jewelry and cosmetics (visible body piercings must be removed). Large loop earrings or gauges can be dangerous and are not allowed. All jewelry must be in good taste and professional looking. The manager may request removal of jewelry that they feel looks unprofessional.

Hair longer than collar length must be restrained.

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